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Am I back again?

So, the last time I blogged was on a Wordpress blog years ago. I blogged because it was almost a journal for me. I started out doing it daily, but then almost became weekly. Then it became monthly, or quarterly. Keeping up with everything can be time consuming. But here I am back again, doing a journal. If you ever want to go check out my previous posts on Wordpress, here is the link:

So, since my last podcast from 2019, a lot has changed. I decided to start a podcast also, only because I truly miss the ShowTech Show podcast that my friends used to do back in the day. It was a livestream that happened on the LoneStar Network. We would stream live on Sunday. I truly enjoyed it, had a good time doing it. Most importantly, it was the social aspect of it with my friends.

So my new podcast, the Wandering Freelancer Podcast, is a weekly podcast that doesn't have a set subject. Mostly it's geared towards travel, the wandering aspect of it, and freelancing in the audio, video, lighting industry. So far I'm 11 podcasts in, with the hope after a year move into podcast and interacting videocasts. So far, it's me just as the host. I would like to bring in one of the previous ShowTech show hosts to help me co-host. Maybe soon this can happen.

So, also dealing with traveling. Last year, I did a lot of traveling. Most were business trips, with a few personal trips in between. I flew about 56 trips on an airplane last year. Spent a lot of time in the air. As of right now, 2023 looks promising as well.

So I am going to be managing 2 websites also. The first one will be my business website, dealing with my production services of camera, editing, videography, hopefully soon I can add drone video/photo services. The other website is this website with the podcast and hopefully future videocast.

So, hopefully you stay connected with me and my journey. My blogs will not always be about just random journals. Some of it will include travel tips, freelancing tips, and podcasts info. So stay connected!

Keep Wandering,


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